Lumea văzută prin ochii unei adolescente de 17 ani » spania1

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  1. Absolutely pent subject matter, Really enjoyed reading through .

  2. Oh, the tragedy! Being a 19-year old I realise I’m on the verge of no longer being a teenager, but I like to think that I’ve had the same mindset for just a few a long time at least. There is NOTHING in the technological world that can rival the real wonders with the natural environment. In a way, I think the age of technology can make nature even more special because you can plainly see the comparison they just do not build views like that on the Internet! Just half an hour ago, I was marvelling at the see of the park I was walking by means of on my way home from university.
    Sometimes, an iPhone can capture your attention a little less complicated than a sunset. But that doesn’t mean that none of us appreciate the latter. Hope is not lost!

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