Course of Ethics, Etiquette and Protocol – curriculum

1) Title Course of Ethics, Etiquette and Protocol
2) Teachers:
– Adriana Mihaela Macsut, PHD Student In Philososophy;
– Stefan Grosu, House of Bak, Sighisoara, Romania
3) Objective: building your ego accordingly to the ethical request of Etiquette and Protocol
4) Group of study: people who are building a career and need ethics values and knowledge of etiquette and protocol.
4)Units of Competence
I Bulding Self-knowledge
II Recognizing Values and Ethics of Your Life
III Professional Excellence
IV Being Authoritative in a Nice Way
VI Improving Memory through Management of Time
VII Maintaining the Balance of Success
Units/Summary Time
I Bulding Self-knowledge
I.1 A New You – 2 hours
I.2 Knowing Yourself
I.3 Introvert and Extrovert
I.4 Temperaments and Personality
I.5 How To Apply Your Knowledge to Your Personality
I.6 Visual Lerner. How to Improve Your Self through Styles of Learning
II Recognizing Values and Ethics of Your Life – 2 hours
II.1 What Is Important for You
II.2 Observing Yourself
II.3 The Questions of Valorization
II. 4 The Ethical Dilemmas
II.5 Becoming Reliable and Responsable
II.6 Fulfilling Your Commitments at Your Place of Employment. The Management of Work Time
II.7 The Things that Matter
(keeping your word, establishing an order of life)
III Professional Excellence III.1 Establishing Ethics of Work – 4 hours
II.2 The Unselfish Professionalism
III.3 Professional Way of Dressing
III.4 Your Professional Etiquette
III.5 Good Manners
III.6 Ways of Greeting
III.7 Speaking According to the Rules of Etiquette (hours of visiting, parties at Work)
III.8 Ecological Behavior
III.9 Professional Attitude
III.10 Private Attidute
III.11 Professional Honesty
III.12 Honest Customer
III.13 Loyalty for the Company
IV Being Authoritative in a Nice Way IV.1 Writing a Journal of Your Thoughts and Dreams of Private and Personal Life – 2 hours
IV.2 Ways of Being Authoritative and Nice in the Office
IV.3 Professional Mentorship
(a great man will always know how to talk to a litle man)
IV.4 Improving Your Professional Skills at work
IV.5 Being Authoritative and Nice in Bussiness Understandings
IV.6 Your Role in Your Team
V Being a Disciple (Learner) – 2 hours
V.1 The Power of Questions
V.2 Professional Improvement
V.3 Learning About Provocation of Your Job
V.4 Learning How to Earn the Respect of Your Team
V.5 The Top of Responsibility
V.6 Professional Humility
V.7 The Qualities of a Person Who Knows to Wait
V.8 Having a Mentality of a Winner
V.9 The Qualities of a Great Leader
VI Improving Memory through Management of Time – 2 hours
VI.1 The Tyranny of Deadlline Terms
VI.2 Establishing Priorities
VI.3 Establishing Professional Objectives
V.4 Short Terms
VI.5 Building a Global Plan
VI.6 The Schedule of Events Step by Step (daily dairy)
VI.7 Improving Memory
VII Maintaining the Balance of Success – 2 hours
VII.1 The Unreasonable Expectations at Work
VII.2 Being ready
VII.3 The Power fo Working Harder
VII.4 Challenging the Future
VII.5 Celebrating of Success
VII.6 Allowing Errors
VII.7 Having a Sense of Humour
VII.8 Maintaining the Balance Between Private and Professional Life
Annex – 2 hours
Queen Mary, a Legend of Romania
The Medieval Festival of Sighisoara
Sibiu 2007, Cultural Capital of Europe
Romanian Tradition of Bucovina
4)Methods of Training
– Explaining;
– Brainstorming;
– Cognitive Method;
– Demonstrating;
– Method of Discovering;
5) Styles of Evaluating:
– Summative
6)Required Materials
– Flip-chart;
– Laptops
7) Cost – We shall set together the cost of the course

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