Ethics, Etiquette and Protocol- A New You

The self-concept has three aspects: The Affective Self, The Cognitive Self and The Executive Self. Every human being has self knowledge, seen as “one’s particular mental states, including one’s beliefs, desires, and sensations”(Stanford Enciclopedy, 7/13/2012 2:47:28 PM).Self-knowledge is about of particular states of mind. People have different self-knowledge and they are ready to pay a lot of money to discover it(Career Skills Library: Professional Ethics and Etiquette, Second Edition, Ferguson Publishing Company, New York, 2004, p.12. “Self-knowledge is definitely in. People pay analysts thousands of dollars to learn more about themselves. Books on self-image and self-improvement are always among the best-sellers.”).In order to know yourself you must try to study The Affective Self, The Cognitive Self and The Executive Self and then try to build a new you. You need a new you if you want to be make performance in your career. So, in life is very important to understand your self knowledge! Without understanding it you are lost in life. I can say: I am at the beginning of new career and I must become a new person, that is called a new I. It is a new environment which implicates a new I. To understand this new fact you can talk to people who have just started their jobs.

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